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My name is Sebastian Aguilar. I love Life.

I often find myself cooking up wild recipes with my wife and daughters, debating Philosophy with my brother Carlos and my best buddy Dan, or hiking the Andes Mountains with Adventure-Loving Couples who love life too!

Most recently, I was in Ecuador with these lovely people, enjoying the crisp cold air and gorgeous scenery that is unique to these parts.

(If you haven't been there, let's talk. I can make it happen for ya!)

(Parque Nacional Cajas, Azuay, Ecuador)

I make friends quite easily

Because I just LOVE people.

I find something beautiful and redemptive in Every new person's life story, and that's a big reason I do what I do.

The Stories.

The Adventures they share.

Photographs are such magical things. They let us travel back in time to first dates, birthdays, trips, and yes... Weddings too.

They let us relive those special moments.

A good photograph should rouse emotions in us that make us love life a little more.

That's what I do for my clients.

How could I not love what I do?

-Sebastian Aguilar

Photographer, n1826

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